Posted on: November 1, 2008 7:54 pm

So....This is how it all ends (Phillies win in 5)

The Phillies Won! This is something I never expected.  I was cheering for the Rays, as I am a big fan of the underdog hence my love for the movie "Rocky". Its too bad the Rays didn't win, but if you think about it, they had what I am going to call "Florida Flu". They were not used to the cold temperatures of Philly and that is probably what took away from their performance. I still strongly believe that had the Rays won game 5 and brought the series back to Tampa, they would have had a very good chance to win.  I hate to see the Rays defeated, but the is always next year, I think that they will have an equally good, if not better chance next year at winning the World Series. I don't see how a team of their caliber could suddenly resort to being lousy over the course of one winter. As long as the Red Sox don't acquire any superstar veterans or rookies, then I think the Rays stand a good chance at clinching the AL East title again next season. Evan Longoria has a whole season of expierence behind him now and that will do wonders for the team, and as long as Crawford, Upton, and Kazmir keep healthy all season, I don't see why we wouldn't see the Rays back and fighting for the title again. I was kind of disappointed though withthe World Series, and it wasn't just me, this Series had the lowest viewership ever. It seems that the World Series was just not publicized enough, and I think that the fact that 2 "nobody" type teams were competing. I'm not saying the Phils and Rays are bad teams, they are both obviously good teams or else they wouldn't be in the World Series, I'm merely saying that the Rays are still a young team with not too many devout followers and the Phils haven't been popular with really aqnyone except the good people of Philidelphia and a few lifetime Philly fans who live elsewhere, but have been cheering for the Phils their whole life. I imagine had a team like the Redsox made it, then viewership would've been high, as the Redsox are a team with tons of followers. I'd like to take this time now and mention that I managed to see the Phillies in Spring Training this past March. I scored some great imagesof Howard warming up, and I missed meeting Jimmy Rollins by 5 mins. He walked right through the main gate into the stadium where I had been standing, but I left to go watch batting practice and when I got back, the program seller said I just missed him. Never did I know that they would be the World Series champions later in the year.
Posted on: August 30, 2008 8:31 am

My Post Season Predictions

For the AL I think it might be between The Rays, Whitesox,  Angels and Redsox. I will predict that the Rays and Whitesox will move on to the ALCS and the Rays will come out Dominant. For the NL I think we can expect to see the Brewers, Mets, Cubs and Diamondbacks. For the ALCS I think it wil be between the Cubs and Mets with Cubs out on top. As for the World Series I think that the Rays and Cubs have the best chance at making it. If those two teams did make the Series it would be quite a matchup. One team (the Cubs) is trying to win their first World Series in 100 years, while the other (the Rays) are trying to win their first World Series Ever. I'd sayin my personal opinion that I think the Rays deserve it more. They have never won a World Series before, and they have been bad the last 9 years, I think the year they finally have a winning record they should win the Title. The Cubs can win it next year, they've waited 100 years,what one more? Plus maybe if the Rays win the Series and prove they are a dominant team people might actually start attending their games.
Posted on: July 15, 2008 2:23 pm

2008 All Star Home Run Derby

For those of you who watched last night, you can probably say to yourself, "I'll never see a homerun derby that is more spectacular than this. For those who didn't watch, let me fill you in. All was going well until Josh Hamilton stepped up to the plate in round one, and hit 28 tape measure shots. I think his longest was either 513 or 518.  To put that in perspective, Mickey Mantle hit a homer  565 ft., and 634 ft. I also read that he managed to hit over 700ft. in an exhibtion game.  One blast looked like it might have actually gone out of the park. A feat that no one in the history of Yankee Stadium has ever managed to do. Mickey Mantle came the closed when during a regualr season game, he hit one that was 3 or 4 feet away from clearing the fences. Instead it hit the facade in right and probably bounced back into the stadium. I heard  that Josh Gibson supposedly hit one of the park during an exhibition game in the '30's. However, the only confirmation of this event  is the word of Satchel Paige, who claims that Josh Gibson did in fact hit one of the park. I for one believe it, with a player with as much power as Gibson, there's no doubt he had the potentional to hit it out. Back to last night, in round two Mourneau hit 9 homers to make his total 17, putting him past Lance Berkamn and Ryan Braun. In the final round, Mourneau hit 5. A fatigued Hamilton stepped up to the plate and only belted out 3 round trippers. Not enough to win, but coming in 2nd isn't always a bad thing. Many say Morneau's win will be forgotten quickly becuase of the show Hamilton put on. Hamilton made many new fans out of players and non-fans alike. At one point, the entire 55,000+ crowd were all cheering "Hamilton" "Hamilton". This was truly a sporting event for the record books, a good way to wrap up Yankee Stadium's long and rich history.

Posted on: May 29, 2008 8:17 pm

Cincy Baseball and others

I, like many others, watched the Indy 500 on Sunday. I thought it was a little better than usual, mainly becuase you didn't expect who won to win. It was some guy, I forgot his name, as I am sure many have. It was nice and refreshing not hearing that Sam Hornish Jr. or Helio Catronevis, or anyone else who always wins had won. I acquired a new avitar alittle while back, and as you can tell, I like it so much, I'll probably stick with it for a while. If anyone finds a cool picture of Ted Kluszewski or Mickey Mantle, let me see it, and maybe I will use it as my avitar.  Theres not much on tv right now, except the Reds game. Its going to be a good game today. I say this because they have beaten Pittsburgh 2 out of 3 games, and will hopefully finish them off tonight. Also Jay Bruce has played in the last two and has done very well. I at first was skeptical and thought it was going to be a repeat of Homer Bailey, in that he wasn't ready yet, and then that would kill his self-confidense. So far however, I have been proven wrong, and lets hope it stays that way. How many people out there live in the Ohio area and watch FSN? All tohse same people, how many of you are tired of Thom Brenamen's announcing. I for one am, I just think he needs to stay on the radio, and not go on the TV. I see him so much announcing on TV, that I rarely ever get to see my favorite announcer George Grande. I heat that it is in his contract that he is supposed to announce so many TV games, but I think that is wrong, he shouldn't be allowed to do that. Who else thinks this way?
Posted on: May 16, 2008 8:05 pm

A little about the author

 As I am writing this as I listen to Everlong by Foo Fighters, my personal favorite by them. I get the inspriation for my blog from the creator of Dilbert, Scott Adams. He has a blog of his own, here's a link to it: He has a book out "Stick to drawing comics Monkey Brain", it is a collection of past blog entries, it is defenately worth  read, it is hilarious. On the topic of comics, another really funny comic to read is "Pearls before Swine", here's a link to its site:
. On the television, some shows I like to watch are Mythbusters, The Universe, Big Bang Theory, Monk, and Psych and Last One Standing. Big Bang Theory is a sitcom, it is about nerds, and their social ineptitude. Every episode is very funny, and will have you craving more of the show. I'm not too big on game shows or reality shows, but some good ones are Merv Griffen's Crosswords, Who wants to be a Millionare, Jeopardy, and Survivor.  As for hobbies, I enjoy collecting sports memorabilia, autographs, and star gazing. Some videogames out now or soon to be that I have/want are Civilization 3, MVP Baseball 2005, Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band, Spore (coming in September), Supersmash Bros Brawl, and Tiger Woods PGA tour 2005. My favorite sports teams both college and professional are Pittsburgh Panthers (any sport), Cincinnati Reds, New York Yankees, Cinici Bengals, Miami Dolphins, Dayton Dragons (minor league), and Texas Rangers (only because they have Josh Hamilton). The music on my itunes consists of Classic Rock (91%), Soundtrack (4%), 90's alternative/grunge (3%) holiday/other (2%). Upcoming movies I want to see: Indiana Jones IV. Until they came out, I wanted to see Rocky 6, and Rambo IV, now I have them on DVD, except Rambo IV isn't out yet, but I will have it when it does come out. My online friend codes for GH3, and SSBB are GH3: 2964 5909 6897 and SSBB: 1203 9214 0805. If you want to challenge me, just post, and I'll be on to accept that challenge. On one last note,if your looking for good online radio, go to, this site allows you to customize your radio. You pick any artist, and then you listen to a station that plays artists similar to that artist, and sometimes, it will play a song by your selected artist. For example, if I pick artist Boston, my Boston radio station would play music similar to Boston, such as Kansas, Led Zeppelin, and other classic rock artists. I've got a few vote offs going on rght now if your interested, here are the links:
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